To improve the performance of your lenses we recomend that you consider adding an anti-reflection coating. These coatings will considerably improve the cosmetic appearance of your new lenses. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you see people on your TV wearing spectacles that they sometimes don't appear to have any lenses in the frame, well the answer is that they have all had anti-reflection coatings added to their lenses. These coatings allow light to pass through your lens much faster than it does through a normal lens which reduces the reflections on the lens surface.

The benefit for motorist is that the anti reflection coating cuts down on the reflected light from on-comming headlights, as can be seen in the demonstration photographs. This makes night time driving much safer and less stressfull. The next time you buy lenses ask about the coatings which are best suited for you.

Price: 30  per pair     # 0008

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