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Habazar F.A.Q

Q. How Difficult is it to set up my Habazar Site?

A. Unlike most Online Shop Software, with Habazar there is no software installation for you to do - your new Habazar site comes ready to trade on day one! - with all the automatic software you'll need, already loaded for you. And you don't need any internet or programming experience to customise your own shop online.It's a simple 'single click' operation.

Q. How much does web space cost and who do you recommend to host my site?

A. Your Habazar site comes complete with twelve months hosting - so you have no further costs for hosting etc. (see our price list)

Q. Does my Habazar site come with a manual?

A. Yes. Your new Habazar site comes with a fully illustrated interactive user's guide which covers all the features and options in eShowcase. The user's guide is provided Online.

Q. What about after-sales support?

A. Our experience has been that once 'up and running', most customers have no need for further support. Everything is pretty much self explanatory. However, we offer full email support 24 Hours a day.

Q. What are the computer requirements to run my Site?

A. Habazar sites run on the internet, not on your local computer. This means that any computer that has internet access, can run Habazar sites. This includes MACs, PCs, even WebTV!

Q. What about Product Upgrades?

A. When you purchase a Habazar site, you get any software upgrades free for a period of one year. When we place these upgrades on your site, they automatically update the pages of your site for you. No additional work on your part!

Q. When I order, what happens next?

A. When you order your Habazar site, we will install it for you, fully test out each feature, test out the order form and email forwarding, and make sure everything works as it should. Then we'll send you an email and let you know that everything's set for you to start customising your own online ecommerce site! If you have any questions, or run into any problems, we'll be there ready to help.

Q. How do I order?

A. You can either use our Secure Order Form or call us at 0161 655 3105