Isn't it time you put your business on the Internet?
The Habazar Gallery

Here are a few examples of websites we have created fro small to medium sized businesses to give you an idea of how we can help your business to grow on-line.

All of the sites listed here will open up in a browser window above this one, for your convenience.


The eye2eye website is an award winning opticians website, which is extremely popular, pulling more than a thousand hits a week. This site was a finalist in the prestigious Annual Optical Awards 2001 in the category of website of the year!

Following this site, we built a range of sites for opticians, with help from eye2eye (they are one of our sister companies). And the sites have had several articles written about them in Optician magazine.

We also helped eye2eye set up a newsletter to help them keep there patients and customers informed, about there latest offers and news about their site.

Visit eye2eye

This is a specialist Hospital Website which provides services for gastric Band and Obesity surgery to clients from the UK who wish to travel to Clinics in Europe to either speed up access to the service or save on the cost of proivate surgery. This website is a fully interative website and includes such features as an integrated Blog, a Mobilesite which automatically detects when the site is being viewed by a mobile device and changes the layout and display to be viewable in the correct format. It also includes response forms, Videos which we produced in-house. This video is now the top in YouTube searches for the Keywords "gastric band surgery" and had had more that 50,000 views. This website has many other great features too many to list here.

Visit Gastric Banding Surgery UK

Dunn motors came to us looking for a very simple site, which they could refer there customers to, and which they could use for simple advertising.

The whole purpose of this site is company promotion, rather than on-line business. A website is one of the best ways to make people aware of your business and the services you offer.

Dunn motors wanted full control over their site, and again they have the ability to customize the content of the site, (although we did throw in the music).

Visit Dunn Cars

The Busy Bee Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful guest house in Devon. They wanted a site which showed beauty of the house and the gardens as well as the local area, in order to attract visitors to there guest house.

The main design brief for this site was to keep the site simple, yet very visual.

This site has a full guided tour of the house and grounds as well as the ability to refer a friend to the site. They also wanted people to be able to make inquiries on-line quickly and easily.

Again, Busy Bee has total control over the content and pictures on their website, allowing them to update the site as often as they wish.

Visit the Busy Bee B&B


Opticians kent is another website we have designed for opticians under our EOptical programme,which we have devised specifically fo opticians.

This site boasts information about four practices, on-line ordering and sales, a massive glossary of technical terms, all explianed in laymans english and a news desk. Visitors can ask questions and interact with the practice manager to get the information they need quickly and readily.

Visit Opticians Kent

Sportspectacles is an on line store for Sports Eyecare and swimming goggles. The User wanted a live store which he could sell his specialist range of products Worldwide.

It has many great features and supports a live E-Store which is linked to a shopping cart. These stores are easy to manage once we have set them up because we used a simple operating system to make it easy for the owner to edit himself.


We do our best to make sure our sites are as compatible with as many browsers as possible, including all version 3 browsers and web-tv, unless our clients ask otherwise. If you tell us what it is that you want from your website, we can supply it. We believe in keeping you in control of your site, and we always try to develope a close working relationship with our clients on every project.

To give us an idea of what you want, click here for a quote, or if you have any questions you would like to ask us click here to contact us.