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Long Sightedness (Hypermetropia)

.LONG SIGHT (HYPERMETROPIA) A long-sighted (Hypermetropic) person can usually see things in the far distance quite well, but cannot focus on objects that are close up. i.e. for reading or knitting. The nearer the object the more difficult it is to focus. The eye is usually able to accommodate to this and can with some effort focus on close objects. However, the worse the condition the greater the strain on the eye which can result in headaches and eye strain.

This condition can be eased and corrected by the use of a plus powered lens (ASSOCIATE PLUS WITH HYPER). The form that a plus powered lens takes is that the centre of the lens is thicker than the edge of the lens, as shown below; - FIG.3

The more powerful the lens the thicker the centre will be in relation to the edge thickness. i.e. ;- FIG.4

(NOT TO SCALE) There are several ways to recognise these lenses. Again the obvious one is to examine the lens to feel if the centre of the lens is greater than the edge, If this is not possible, or you cannot determine by feel, look through the lens at some print and if the print appears larger through the lens then you have a plus lens.

If, by looking through the lenses the person's eye appears larger, then they are wearing a plus correction lens.

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