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Anti-Relection Coatings

Anti reflection coatings are coatings which are bonded to the front surface of Optical lenses to reduce the amount of light which is reflected from the surface of the lenses.

The advantages of these coatings are that they also allow rays of light to pass through the lenses at a faster speed. This increase in the speed of the light passing through the lens reduces the amount of light normally dispersed as the rays slow down whilst passing through the lens. This reduction in the dispersion of the rays has the effect of making the lens much more efficient whilst at the same time giving the additional benefit of better cosmetic appearance because the lens appears allmost invisible.

An added bonus is that of better night vision, so for example car headlights viewed through an anti-reflection coated lens will reduce the amount of glare and reflected light from around the beam of the headlight.

These coatings can be applied to most types of lenses and are available for 30 extra per pair of lenses.

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