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Colour Blindness

What is The Colour Blindness?

The term "Colour Blindness" is a somewhat inaccurate phrase meaning the lack of perceptual, sensitivity to certain colours. Absolute colour blindness to just one colour is almost unheard of.

Colour Blindness is the result of a lack of a certain type of cone on the retina, and in most cases people with colour blindness will have poor perception of red or green, and sometimes both.

Another type of colour blindness results in poor Yellow or/and Blue perception but it is quite rare.

In some extremely rare cases, it has been known for there to be no cones on the retina at all, and in these cases, vision is in black and white.

.Who suffers from colour blindness?

Colour Blindness is usually genetic, and is inherited. The faulty gene that causes colour blindness is carried on the X chromosome, which means that it is usually only boys that inherit the condition.

Around 1 in 30 boys are born colour blind, and only 1 in 30,000 girls have the condition.

Colour blindness can be cause by certain eye conditions , but that too is very rare. In general if you are colour blind, you have been since birth.

Are You Colour Blind?

We have designed a test that you can do right now from this sight, to determine if you have any colour deficiency problems, so you can check your self and your children.

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