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The Neostyle Collection for 2003


In this Collection you will find a range of High Quality Spectacles Frames for every occasion, and a style to go with YOUR personality.

The Prestige Personality Collection encompasses the DYNASTY and DYNASTY SOLID GOLD; The Classic Personality Collection encompasses the CITY SMART and OFFICE Collections, For the more trendy personality you will find the ACADEMIC and COLLEGE Collections.

All of these Models are produced to the VERY HIGHEST STANDARD and reflect the Quality and Workmanship that goes in to making one of today’s most prestigious ranges of Fashion Eyewear available around the World.

You will find that NEOSTYLE PERSONALITY EYEWEAR is a truly worldwide product as the Neostyle collection is available on every continent in the World. The designers are continually designing new models and the head of the design team is contantly busy in his personal studio designing and creating, by hand, the frames of tomorrow.

All of the frames in this on-line brochure are available direct to you in an unglazed form, or as a full prescription spectacle. If you prefer to purchase them unglazed you can purchase then direct from us, then take them to your own practitioner anywhere in the World for glazing to your Prescription. If you prefer to have us make them to your Prescription then we will be happy to do that for you, all we need is a copy of your current prescription and a few other measurements which we can explain how to obtain at the time of ordering from us.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our range, and we hope you will tell your friends that we are here!!!.

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